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Partners in Christ

We began our mission in our hometown of Paradise California. We started as a membership program that helped to supplement the needs of low income senior citizens in our area. We were small in the beginning with only a few members and a handful of volunteers but we quickly grew to a membership of 200 with a waiting list.

When the 2018 Camp Fire destroyed our facility we carried on by picking up donations and answering the needs of our friends and neighbors who had lost everything. We located a new facility in the neighboring town of Oroville California and set back to work with a new structure in mind. We wanted to help not only seniors as we had been doing, but to help all that were in need.

We believe that everyone should be able to have access to healthy food, water and shelter. It is our continuing mission to offer a helping hand to those who are unable to meet those ends. Today no one in need is turned away.

Paradise Gleaners.png

2570 N. Villa Ave. Palermo, CA 95968
895 Virginia St. Chico, CA 95928

We strive to be the change we want to see in our community and the world! We are most known for our Tiny Home for Fire Survivors project that gifts custom tiny homes built entirely with donations and volunteers. Along with providing housing, we give back to our local communities and inspire kindness through love in action! Our efforts began in December 2018 immediately after the Camp Fire, and Tiny Pine Foundation became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2020.

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Tiny Pine_edited.jpg

2742 Feather River Blvd, Oroville, CA, 95965


2362 Lincoln Street, Oroville, CA, 95966 (530) 532-9362

Zion CCC.jpg

895 Virginia St, Chico, CA, 95928

(530) 809-4751


2640 S. 5th Avenue, Oroville, CA, 95965 (530) 712-2600


1235 Lincoln Street, Oroville, CA, 95965

 (208) 467-7777 

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