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our works should not be defined by indefinites

This photo is a wonderful example and reminder of a Christ minded Church. We were on a mission in Wichita Kansas praying for people and loving on them. The man with the red hair and dress kept driving through while we are doing as Christ commanded. He was accompanied by another young lady, she's the one with the purple hair. They got in their vehicles to leave, when he asked us facetiously if we would pray for him. We all said, "Yeah, come on." He wasn't expecting that at all, and we found out later why. We didn't stray from our mission though. We talked him and her out of their vehicles. He was in the gold SUV, and she was in the blue one. We got them together, laid hands, prayed, and hugged. His and her lifestyle was of no concern to us. They were God's children needing love. Later on we found out the young man's father was a pastor, and because of his choice of sexual preference and lifestyle he was ostracized from the group of Christian's he called family. I do not know the validity of his story, but we all knew his definite validity as a child of God.

In the book of Joshua chapter 2 you learn of Rahab the harlot. She as essential to the capture and seize of Jericho. The 2 lookouts Joshua sent ahead were men from God's people, and they could have easily dismissed Rahab as an unclean sinner, and never looked at her twice. Imagine if they would have judged her by an indefinite standard. They most likely would've been captured by the king's guards and killed. Then God would have given the mission to other men he found fitting. You see, when we look away from God's will for us, we will miss out on the victories as well. Look pass the indefinites,

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