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"Profit of Sexual Purity"

"Sexual purity, both before and within marriage,

strengthens the bond of the relationship"

The importance and necessity of sexual purity seems to be nearly lost completely in our society. The first thing to understand is the value of purity. Take Gold for instance. Its purity is measured in carats. 24 carat is pure gold, and the lower the number, let’s say 18 carat, the more diluted the gold is with other metals. The more presence of other metals, the lesser purity, and the lesser the value of the gold. The purer your sexuality, the higher your value in a relationship, the more prized your sexuality and affection is to your partner.

Maintaining sexual purity provides a sense of trust between partners, it increases your value within the relationship, and through the process of maintain sexual purity you create a trait of determination and loyalty. According to a study published by “Institute for Family Studies” people who have only one sexual partner in their lives have significantly higher levels of happiness within their marriages. The study also shows the happiness in marriages decreases in relative accordance to an increase of partners.

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