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Serving Dixie Fire Victims

I can't say enough about today. The devastating fires in Northern California continue to rage, but today we saw flame which burns brighter and hotter. The candle has been lit, and the lamplight unto the feet of those in despair have been brought out of the darkness. Today we joined teams with Tiny Pine, Got Hope, G4, Les Schwab Tires, Rolling Stone Pizza Company, and so many more to provide prayer, food, and basic necessities to victims of this wildland fire that has claimed so many homes and left so many more displaced.

In Acts Chapter we learn about the day of Pentecost, and when it had fully come. When the disciples were together in one place, and of one accord, something miraculous cloven tongues. When we come together as the body of the church in one place, with one accord, miraculous things happen, because the power of God is unleashed through the helper. Enjoy the pics and videos...

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