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"The Foolish & The Wise"

"Foolish people reject God and His ways,

but the wise trust and enjoy His blessings"

It seems to be such a common flaw of humanity to resist God’s ways when we become uncomfortable, convicted, or desire a more self-centered outcome. Often times we foolishly turn away from what is right because we don’t want to get involved, don’t want to be inconvenienced, we don't believe we have the right to, or it isn’t what our hearts desire. The fleshly struggle of following God is to cast our desires aside and submit to the will of God.

During our walk we will be called to places, times, and events which may seem perilous or undesirable to the eyes of the foolish. Yet the wise man’s vision will pan out from the immediate situation to grasp a more complete vantage, trust in God’s complete knowledge, and know that His plan is flawless. Many miracles, blessings, and spiritual experiences are wasted away when people foolishly choose to reject God’s ways. Every choice we make creates a fork in the path we travel; we choose one way, or we choose the other.

On the American game show “The Price is Right”, during a portion known as the “Showcase Showdown”, the contestant who had gotten the closest roll gets to choose which of 2 “showcases” they were going to bid on. What they didn’t know was the value of each prize. So, they had to blindly choose which option to bid on with hopes of winning the better prize, or possibly both showcase prizes.

One choice will give you treasures, and the other choice is a loss. Luckily for us we know which showcase will avail which outcome. Wisdom or Foolishness.

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